highly coloured borders
highly coloured borders

The finishing touches

Once the hard landscaping is under way then ground preparation for the planting can commence. Getting the soil right is paramount to successful healthy plants and flower borders, so now is the time to add organic composts. Planting the right plants in the right place at the right time is equally important. Following the previously created ‘Planting Plans’  we supply and plant the plants that you enjoy, with the correct spacing and balance so it can develop into a beautiful mature garden over time.

The aim is to create  careful combination of ornamental trees which act as focal points; evergreen shrubs for background and structure; grasses for movement and  depth; plus masses of summer flowering perennials and drifts of spring flowering bulbs. This will give you an all year round garden which is is continually changing and full of interest throughout the seasons.

We leave you with a maintenance schedule on how to look after them and can support this with a return visit in six and twelve months after planting is completed. Whilst it is not possible to guarantee every individual plant’s survival it is possible to monitor how they are getting on and take any remedial action if necessary. Alternatively we can help you set up a  garden maintenance person to regularly look after your garden.