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Wild flower areas are a wonderful way to create natural and attractive spaces that can replace traditional flower borders and lawns. Wild flower  landscapes, of whatever size add colour and contrast to any environment. They are a rich blanket of vibrant colour that delivers breathtaking landscapes in a variety of garden situations.

Wild flowers are incredibly important in supporting bees, butterflies and many other pollinating insects.

Creating a wild flower area can be easier than you imagine. By using Wildflower Turf™ you can get instant and guaranteed results in one season. The pre-grown, soil less turf can be laid throughout the year and establishes very quickly.

With up to 34 species of wild flowers and grasses you can achieve a long flowering season which is constantly changing. In addition it can be under planted with spring and early summer bulbs with spectacular results.

Add wire frame gabions filled with logs and other materials to create homes for your insects



“encourage the birds,butterflies and bees into your garden with Wildflower Turf™”

Ami Majus. Julie King's Garden "Windy Willums"

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