Small back garden
Small back garden

The Design Process

CK Garden Design offers a full design service from initial designs through project management to completion. We create gardens that not only look good, but can be functional, low maintenance and  add  value to your property. Gardens today are not just about plants and lawns but creating an outdoor living experience for pleasure, relaxing and outdoor entertaining all year round.

The design process can be split into 4 main categories

  • Site survey and project analysis
  • Concept plans and initial ideas
  • Masterplans and specification (for hard landscaping)
  • Planting plans with maintenance schedules


Site survey and analysis

I carry out a full site survey of your garden taking into account the soil, aspect, all dimensions and levels, any underground cables and pipes, neighbouring conditions and boundaries, any planning requirements plus a multitude of other details that affect the final design. On smaller straightforward gardens I carry out this work quite quickly myself but on larger complex areas I employ qualified surveyors to do the job. This culminates in a detailed plan of your garden with a written report analysing the results to ensure all your requirements are covered


Concept plans and initial ideas

From the survey data collected, I generate the plans using CAD systems I then produce 2 or 3 different sketches and layouts with rough idea of costs and materials for discussion and your approval at our next meeting when I discuss these options with you and can make any alterations and adjustments to ensure you are completely happy. For smaller gardens this may enough detail especially if you are going to carry out or oversee the work yourself, however I normally proceed to the next Masterplan stage…

Masterplan and Specification

The Masterplan is the final set of drawings setting out all the detailed aspects of the garden relating to the hard landscaping areas. This is particularly important for more complex sites where there are different levels with slopes and terraces or if it is going to be passed on to a garden landscaping contractor to carry out the work

The Masterplan and accompanying written specification sets out detailed dimensions; construction drawings (where required), itemised materials with estimated volumes and costs. This can be used for contractors to submit comparative quotations

Planting Plan and Maintenance Schedules

Once the hard landscaping is under way then ground preparation can commence. Getting the soil right is paramount to successful healthy plants and flower borders, so now is the time to check your soil condition and add organic compost as required. Planting the right plant in the right place is equally important. I generate a plant list and plan of suitable plants that will look good  and thrive well in in your garden.. This is supported with an easy to follow maintenance schedule of how and when to look after them.

By creating a balanced combination of ornamental trees, evergreen shrubs, summer flowering perennials and autumn grasses along with drifts of spring bulbs it will ensure all year round interest in your garden.

Project Management

Having spent considerable time and energy on the design it is vital that the construction work is then carried out to the expected standards of the project specification. I offer to undertake this task and see the role in this process as threefold

  • Obtaining quotations from qualified contractors and appointing them to carry out the work
  • Overseeing the work to ensure it is carried out to the agreed specification
  • Co-ordinating the various trades and contractors to adhere to specific time scales

 ” good design always gets noticed”